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    A re brand is coming...

    We get the question all the time:  "Is the UKSN store just for members?"... The answer is of course no. The store can of course be used by anyone and to continue to grow, we need to make this message clear. 

    This is why its time to rebrand and build a bigger and better store that can be used by everyone including those outside the UKSN community.

    Does this mean all the profits wont be used by UKSN? 

    The store will continue to operate as it does now but as we grow we will need to employ staff, purchase a company van for transporting equipment to events and eventually land. Everything we do is designed to benefit the UKSN and its goals. 

    How do you pronounce P1AN? 

    P1AN is pronounced PLAN. Its short, simple, easy to remember and its something we all should do: Plan for the future.