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    With P1AN Rewards you not only earn as you spend but get points for sharing the love too. In-fact there are many ways to earn points such as:

    • Creating a shop account (+100 points)
    • Completing your profile ( +40 points)
    • Birthdays (+300 points)
    • Following and liking us on Social Media (Upto +150 points for completing all activities)
    • Referring your friends (100 points and 5% off for your friend)
    • Purchasing from the store ( +1 points per £)

    On top of our reward system you also get:

    • Free delivery when spending over £70










    How do i Get Involved?

    Step 1:

    Simply click the 'P1AN REWARDS' tab which will always reside on the right hand side of the screen wherever you are within the shop. It looks just like the image displayed to the right.

    Step 2:


    Click 'CREATE A STORE ACCOUNT' and follow the instructions or 'LOGIN' if you already have an account. Once you are logged in simply click the 'P1AN REWARDS' tab again.





    How do Points Work?

    Every point is worth 1p so by simpy creating an account you are already up by the  equivalent of £1! When you have enough points you can either exchange for the applicable voucher such as free delivery, £5 off or even an amazing offer.

    Birthday Treat

    Get 300 points on us as your Birthday treat - Why not use the points to gain FREE DELIVERY!

    What can i get with my points?

    Everything from FREE laser engraved keyrings to £10 vouchers. You can choose from an array of goodies with more being added all the time. What will you pick?

    Please Note:

    Points are non transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Rewards will change on occasion so please check back regularly.