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    What is SYS-Talk

    SYS-Talk is the provider of state-of-the-art PTT over cellular (POC) network radio service utilised by UKSN for network voice communication. It allows UK-Wide*, uninterrupted** communication between users in a similar manor to the TETRA system used by Police and other emergency services.

    Within the SYS-Talk network UKSN has its very own private network. This allows members to communicate with a single UKSN user or thousands of users at the same time utilising the power of 3G, 4G and Wifi connections. 

    In addition to this, SYS-Talk allows us to operate our very own mobile coordination center / dispatch that offers real time operational control and other related services.


    Data security is paramount which is why we utilise AES 256-bit encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) in addition to the encryption offered by the cellular service operator. This means that unlike standard radio communications the service is highly secure and encrypted. 


    SYS-Talk utilise 3 core servers including a backup that is hosted at a premiere data center in the heart of the UK. With 24-7 support and a team of dedicated engineers the service is perfect for mission critical applications.

    Critical Services Roaming 

    Critical Services Roaming combines the four major UK networks into one SIM card allowing unparalleled network coverage across the UK. In addition to this we get priority service meaning when standard networks buckle under strain such as in a national or local emergency, our services are prioritised.

    Utilising both the network radio service and the Critical Services Roaming Network we have a system that can out perform TETRA and other single network PTT solutions.

    This extra service will be available for an extra £9.99 a month on a rolling contract basis. Please CLICK HERE for more information on the Critical Services Roaming Network.

    What benefits does the SYS-Talk network offer?

    • No Ham Radio Licence required - Just pay the yearly fee.
    • No expensive radio equipment required - you can use your mobile phone!
    • No range limits unlike normal hand held radios - worldwide operation.
    • The system is managed by UKSN & SYS-Talk - we have complete control over the 'radio fleet' and dispatch/control system.
    • SOS function alerts us to your location and allows us to talk to you directly. We can then send local assistance if required or even dispatch first aid at events.
    • Option to purchase Critical Services Roaming giving you priority service and auto connect you to the closest available network.
    • A variety of dedicated, configured radios are available.

     What downsides does the SYS-Talk network have?

    • If infrastructure were to completely fail - you would lose all connectivity. 
    • If you have no 3G/4G or WIFI service you cannot access the network, whereas with a standard radio you could still talk to people in close proximity. You can purchase UHF / VHF network radios which do combat this issue.  
    • You cannot talk to HAM radio users (unless your device supports UHF/VHF). We still recommend members obtain their foundation licence at a minimum and have a UV-5R or other radio as a backup. 

    Future Intergration plans

    Our plan is to further integrate the system utilising a cross link allowing us to connect the network to existing radio infrastructure. For example at camps members will be able to use a standard UV-5R which will transmit over the network to users of this service allowing 2 way communication between network users and standard radio users. This could be adapted to be used in towns across the UK!


    What do i need to get started?

    All you need is a Android based smart phone or network radio! Simply install the app and await your login details. Dont forget to supply your SN1 details in the notes at checkout.

    How many devices can i use my licence with?

    Licences are per device and non transferable. We additionally sell family licences and bulk licences. Be aware all users of the service need to hold valid UKSN / Nexgen membership. Service to the UKSN Communication Network will be terminated if this expires. If ordering family or bulk licences please supply all membership numbers at checkout. 

    Do the network radios you sell run stock android?

    Our radios are highly configured to reduce data consumption and enable the best possible network radio experience. This means certain features are disabled. If you want to unlock the full version of android you will need to install a different ROM. There are many guides online that show you how to achieve this. 

    What range does the SYS-TALK service cover?
    There is no limit. As long as you have GSM/3G/4G or WiFi signal you will have service. This means that you are only dependent on the cellphone carrier service, or a WiFi hotspot.

    Why is the SYS-TALK service better than traditional walkie talkies / two way radios?
    Traditional two way radio will always be limited by distance and interference. As the SYS-TALK service utlises a digital connection that relies on mobile phone carriers, you will always experience loud and clear interference-free communications across the UK.

    What happens if I don’t have internet?
    If you havent got a 3G/4G service or WiFi then sadly you will not be able to connect to the network. 

    Do you encrypt the communications?
    All communications are encrypted with AES 256-bit encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and only UKSN has access to the historical data.

    What happens if the server is offline?
    That is very unlikely as we have multiple core and backup servers located in a UK based data centre. In case of service degradation, you can count on the SYS-TALK team to be on the case instantly!

    Where are the servers located?
    SYS-TALK utilise UK based data 

    How much data does the service use per month?
    For a regular use, 500 MB data plan will be more than enough. In extreme conditions, where communications take place for long periods,1 GB data plan may be required. If you purchase one of the special UKSN / SYS-TALK radios they are heavily optimised so will likely use even less.

    Do you offer full-duplex communications?
    All our android radios allow regular phone calls, in full duplex. When using radio-like communication with the SYS-TALK, all communications will be simplex.

    Can I use my own android smartphone with this service?
    Yes. You just need to install the SYS-TALK application on your android smartphone and purchase the service.

    Can I use my own iPhone or iPad with this service?
    Currently the service is in development and due early 2019.

    Who can see my GPS coordinates and how are they used?

    Day to day only a handful of individuals at UKSN Ltd operating control / dispatch can see your coordinates if required. Your information is secure and will not be disclosed to anyone unless you press the SOS button on your device or app. In this instance your location could be shared with, but not limited to emergency services, a response team or first aiders as required.


    • Events: If you are attending an event and use the UKSN Communication Network service you might be added to an events channel (you can choose to opt out). Your coordinates can be seen by all members of the channel while attending the event. This allows you to connect with members at the event. It is also perfect for locating your friends and family. After the event you will be removed from the channel and tracking disabled.
    • Scenarios / Activities: If we are running a scenario or activity we might need to utilise the data to aid in event control. You will be informed if this will be required.

    Can i disable GPS completely?

    Absolutely but not recommended. Its a core service and can be utlised in an emergency or scenario / event which is a core part of the UKSN Communication Network!

    Important Information


    All network radios are shipped directly from SYS-TALK. They are then tested and programmed if required by UKSN / P1AN. If you have purchased a subscription this will be added to the device and it will be configured to utilise our private network. 

    Orders generally take no longer than 2 weeks but we will alert you when its dispatched.

    Software (Android Only)

    If purchasing only the UKSN / SYS-TALK licence for Android we will aim to dispatch your licence details and installation instructions within 48 hours. 

    SN1 / Paid Membership Required

    The UKSN Network Communication service is for paid members only and requires your SN1 number for login. If you do not currently have membership click HERE to check out whats on offer.

    Please Note

    In the unlikely event of any loss of signal or data UKSN LTD / SYS-TALK LTD cannot be held responsible for any financial loss, damage or injury caused.

     UKSN / SYS-TALK has no control over the 3rd party networks used by our customers & any outage or loss of service is the responsibility of the mobile network provider and not UKSN or SYS-TALK.