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     What is P1AN?

    P1AN was originally conceived as a way to help fund the UKSN community. Everything you buy aids the network in some way! From helping contribute to the UKSN yearly camp to aiding subsidise activities and training for members. This makes P1AN highly unique in a world of massive corporations and greed.

    By purchasing from P1AN you are making a difference to the entire UKSN community and supporting a small independent UK company.


    The P1AN difference: Committed to Providing a Service Like no Other

    As well as us contributing profits to the UKSN community we are a business like no other. Lets take a look at what else we offer:

    • TRIED AND TESTED: We try and test everything we sell. We are committed to only offering products that we trust and will use in the 'field' ourselves.
    • QUALITY GUARANTEED: If you are unhappy with a products performance, quality or value drop us a message - give us that important feedback. We will happily offer a variety of solutions including product replacement to collection and refund within 14 day of receiving your order. Just be sure to keep your packaging!
    • WORLD CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE: With a small UK based customer service team we offer near immediate assistance with any problems with your order or any products purchased from P1AN. Simply drop us a message and we will be in touch within 24 hours with a resolution.
    • WARRANTY: Unlike most retailers we wont fob you off making you deal with the manufacturer. You bought the product from us - Not them. We will deal with everything on your behalf. Piece of mind like no other!
    • P1AN REWARDS: Earn as you spend at P1AN with P1AN Rewards. Get points for everything you purchase in store online. To say thank you for shopping at P1AN you even get 300 points on your birthday which you can exchange for an array of things including FREE SHIPPING!  
    • SUPPORTING UK BASED BUSINESSES: We try and support UK based businesses by purchasing products and services direct where possible. 
    • ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING: Protecting the environment is something we are committed to. We use Paypal's 100% recycled cardboard boxes which are 100% recyclable. In addition to this we use eco-friendly tape which is also recyclable. 

    • PAID UKSN MEMBERS: For our paid SN1 members we also offer extended warranty on everything in store and 12% discount off everything* we sell - Including reduced or sale items!


    NO Stock, No Worries 

    If we dont have a product in stock or you are looking for something in particular that we dont sell - drop us a message. We can source a variety of things at fantastic prices. Plus, by using P1AN you are supporting the UKSN community.





    Warranty is very important and something that you should consider when buying from any retailer. Great warranty and high quality customer service make a whole world of difference if things go wrong. We have even been known to replace things well outside of warranty... Piece of mind for anyone who shops with P1AN.

    We offer:

    • 12 months: For all purchases we offer a standard 12 month warranty
    • 16 months: For paid UKSN members we offer an upgraded 16 month warranty




    When you spend over £70 in a single transaction you will receive FREE DELIVERY. This is simply a way of UKSN saying thank you for your support

    Terms and Conditions

    • Mainland UK only. 
    • To qualify you need to spend over £70.

    More Information

    All of our products are shipped securely via MY HERMES or ROYAL MAIL. The only difference is due to the part time nature of the store and all staff being volunteers - things can take a little longer than you are used to. With this said, if things do go wrong and your order gets 'eaten by the delivery driver' we aim to rectify within a couple of days.  

    To read more about deliveries please visit our DELIVERY AND  IMPORTANT INFORMATION page. 

    If you do need something shipping urgently, CONTACT US and let us know. We will do our utmost to get it dispatched as fast as we can.  



    Q: How do the profits from P1AN help the UKSN Community? 

    A: P1AN helps UKSN by helping fund events, subsidies, projects and competitions. As we grow we will need to employ staff, purchase a company van for transporting equipment to events and eventually rent or buy a store/office. With this said, UKSN Ltd is a limited company and operated independently of the main online UKSN community but are core to its funding. 

    Unfortunately membership doesn't even cover UKSN's running costs so P1AN tops this up! 

    Q: How can i sign up for P1AN rewards?

    A: Simply visit the REWARDS page to read more information.

    Q: How can i sign up for paid membership to the UKSN and get 12% discount on everything in store?

    A: Sign up as a paid member by joining one of our yearly MEMBERSHIP packages. Membership costs as little as £17 per year! 

    Q: I have noticed the UV-5R radios are a little more expensive than else where. What am i actually getting for my money?

    A: You are buying a radio that has been hand tested and programmed in the UK. You can even utilise our radio licence for set channels if you are a PAID UKSN MEMBER. Here at P1AN we source all of our radios from a UK importer which is very important for warranty purposes.

    By purchasing from the far east you are likely to encounter:

    • Importing costs
    • Have no warranty
    • You will need to programming the unit manually 
    • You need a licence to operate

    From our experience the radios are fantastic but batches can vary in quality. We take the risk so you dont have to.

    Q: Who do i contact if i have an issue or require more information?

    A: If you need to contact us for any reason please visit the 'Contact us' page. You can use 1 of 3 methods:

    • Email
    • Contact Form
    • Facebook Messenger