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    We don't operate like a standard shop so things can take a little longer to arrive

    As we don't currently employ members of staff, P1AN operates on a part time basis. This can make it a little difficult to pack and ship products, so things can take a little longer than you are currently used to. We are no Amazon when it comes to shipping that's for sure.

    We need your support!

    By supporting P1AN you are not only getting some awesome gear but you are supporting an independent small UK business and UKSN. This means we can invest more into the community and eventually look at employing full time staff! 

    Volunteer Staff 

    All of our staff currently work on a voluntary basis and have full time jobs, family's and run other businesses so please be patient. In peak season or when our volunteers are off camping or doing other things orders can take upto a month so please be aware of this when ordering. 

    Dispatch Days

    Orders are generally packed and shipped once or twice a week on Wednesday and /or Friday. If an order is urgently required we can arrange alternative shipping (Additional costs are applicable) - just get in touch.

    Please note: We do not operate at weekends - We are out enjoying the wilderness!

    With this said we try our very best to dispatch as quickly as possible with around 70% of all orders arriving within 2 weeks (non peak or seasonal holiday).

    Average delivery times:

    • Within 1 week: 10%
    • 1-2 weeks: 70%
    • 3-4 weeks: 97%
    • 4-6 weeks: 99%

    In peak season, busy periods or exceptional circumstances orders can take considerably longer. Please contact us for an estimate.

    Potential order delays


      Your physical membership items are dispatched as per our standard procedures and you should receive within a month. 


      Biltong is bought to order and made on demand for us. This means its especially fresh! Unfortunately this can add a delay to your order so we advise buying this separately if you require your order quickly. On average it takes 1 week to be made and delivered directly to us but this can be affected by seasonal holidays and the companies event schedule.

      Paracord Bracelets 

      Bracelets are made to order by a 3rd party so can take 1 month+. For updates contact UKSN paracord directly on Facebook.

      Radios (Network & VHF/UHF)

      Radios are occasionally purchased to order so can take a few weeks to arrive with us which can delay your order slightly. If you want to check stock levels quickly just drop us a message on facebook or why not email us?

      Couriers and tracking

      UKSN only uses 2 specific couriers due to specific store integration requirements.   

      • My Hermes (Tracked): Used for the majority of parcels over the size of an envelope. 
      • Royal Mail: Used for small parcels including membership.

      You should automatically receive a shipping confirmation email once your parcel has been collected. You can additional view this information from within your account.


      How will i know when my order is shipped?

      As soon as your order is shipped you will receive an Email or TXT notification informing you of your order status. Depending on the delivery method chosen you will additionally receive tracking information 

      Why do you list how many days it takes to deliver (when selecting shipping options) if you don't deliver within that time frame?

      The times are based on how long it will take to arrive to you after we ship your order.

      Can i request faster shipping if the order is required quickly?

      Absolutely! Just drop us a message. You will likely need to pay additional for this service.

      Can i collect my order?

      Unfortunately this is not possible at this time but if you live local we would happily drop it off to your door (Crewe / Sandbach and surrounding areas only)

        Other Information

        P1AN is a trading name of UKSN limited and registered in England and Wales with Company Number 10291158

        Registered Office: UKSN Ltd, 4 Union Street, Sandbach, Cheshire, CW11 4BG